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1st Light Energy

“I have nothing but great things to say about your company and the work they are doing.

I know, personally, how hard it is to cold call. This is probably the hardest job in the world, but your team does it with dignity and grace. I have never had so many customers actually engaged when I call, due to the fact that the first person they have spoken with is articulate and knowledgeable, whether they are faking it till they make it, or not.

I love the details that your teams call in with and how happy the client is when I do talk to them. The clients wouldn’t be so happy if it weren’t for your team! I just cannot get over how complete the notes are and how many solid appointments we are getting from them and the follow up is incredible!!! You tell them you’re going to call and you do. A promise made and a promise kept!

Thank you so much for joining us in bringing Commercial Solar and Conservation to a fruitful abundance! ”

- Toni S., 1st Light Energy

Covenant West

We approached TRS  to seek their services as a telemarketer. They were kind and helpful, never pushy, which would have turned us off right away. Yet they were persistent...which would be a quality you would want in a telemarketing company.  The staff at TRS has always provided us with excellent service. They have consistently provided us with multiple leads and appointments. And should there be any issues, we have been pleased with how quickly they step in if there are. We really appreciate the service to reschedule appointments, when that need arises. 
They have always been easy to reach.  And their immediate response to our needs is admirable!! 
I would recommend TRS to people who need  a great telemarketing company."

-Renee E. and Philip B., Covenant West Insurance Services, Inc.


“I have over 25 new accounts in the last 1 year and have made more over 4 times my investment. They have excellent customer service as well which isnt always the case with others I’ve worked with in the industry. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

- Joe V., Premier Financial Insurance Services

Schrock Constuction General Contractor

“Will Schrock has been in business for 33 years. We decided to grow the commercial roofing division. We first tried direct mail, sending out 6,000 mailers with very little success. As a result, I recommended trying a different approach and contacted TeleContact Resource Services to discuss mailers with follow-up phone contacts to set appointments.

All of the staff at TeleContact Resource Services did an exceptional job making contacts and setting appointments. We’ve had “zero” complaints from the prospects they contacted, which puts the ‘personal relationship’ bar very high in our opinion.

TeleContact Resource Services set 23 appointments the first month and a total of 88 appointments over three and a half months. Selling roofs is not a one-time appointment sale. Roofing prices range from $10,000 to $40,000 on commercial buildings. We currently have signed contracts for over $300,000 in new roofing business as a direct result of this process. I am sure we will close several more of these appointments.

Once again, Schrock Construction Inc. recommends TeleContact Resource Services to anyone who wants to be aggressive in the market place; you won’t be sorry!”

- Chet L., Marketing Consultant for Schrock Construction Inc.

California Chamber of Commerce

“We were very impressed with how easy everyone at TeleContact was to work with. From providing help with writing the script to passing off leads several times a day – we received the support we needed. TeleContact was also very responsive to our needs – when we needed to make changes to the script or adjust the program, these changes were made quickly. We ran the campaign right before the holidays. When we started to notice a drop-off in responses due to the holiday, TeleContact worked with us to limit the number of hours we spent at this time and instead prolonged the campaign until after the holidays.

We were also impressed by the fact that they not only set up appointments, but followed up with the prospect the day before to confirm this appointment. This cut down on the number of “no shows” we had and helped us focus our attention on the truly interested prospects. When we needed quick information to a customer survey, we turned to TeleContact and, again, were pleased with the results we got.

As we’re planning future campaigns, we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can use our newly discovered resource. ”

- Janelle J., California Chamber of Commerce

CPT Group, Class Action Administrators

"During a growth spurt we chose to use Telecontact Resource Services. By using Telecontact Resource Services, we were able to hire and train additional personnel to grow our business seamlessly and within a matter of days. For us, it was a great way to keep on offering the excellent Class Member Support our clients are accustomed to. Their representatives were extremely professional and were able to answer a high number of calls. Plus, with their Midwest hours, we were able to expand our call center hours of operations."

-Randi F. - CPT Group Class Action Administrators

Evco Insurance Services

“I had $10,000 to invest in marketing. After much thought, I decided to put out into telemarketing with TeleContact Resource Services knowing I had 7 months of capital to generate a book of business large enough to continue the marketing. By the 6th month, my new revenue paid for TeleContact Resource Services marketing every month. I’ve now doubled my marketing efforts, hired two sales people to assist with the leads, and am having the largest year ever in our company history. TeleContact Resource Services continues to fulfill our lead expectations month after month and we are rolling out new product campaigns.”

- Everett L., Owner, EVCO

Filice Insurance

"I cannot begin to tell you how much you and your team have assisted me and our team here at Filice Insurance Agency. Your thorough approach and follow up is exactly what was needed and we look forward to a continued relationship."

- Jon W., Vice President, Filice Insurance Agency

Riverbend Insurance

"To Whom it may concern, 

My agency has been working with Tele-Contact Resource since the first quarter of 2013.  The first year it took us a little time to get things inline but once the ball started rolling we had our best year!  Riverbend Insurance grew 67% in 2013 (our fourth year in business). We did 28% in 2012.  To date in 2014 we are currently up 48% and have a target goal to grow 50% this year.

This type of marketing takes time to get going (you will see appointments immediately too), but once it does there is no turning back.

One of the most enjoyable parts of our relationship are the contacts.. My agency started working with Kelvin.  However I was sad (for my own selfish reasons) to learn that Kelvin was promoted within the company.  He did a great job!  Once I was introduced to Kelvin's replacement,  Erica Costa, there was not a beat skipped.  Erica is constantly communicating with our agency and does everything she is able to ensure we are attending valuable appointments! Sometimes I feel like she is in the office next door, and not 1,000 miles away!"   

- Brian F., Riverbend Insurance

Sharp Payroll

"I have been using TeleContact Resource Services for just over two years now.  They have consistently helped me grow my business with the quality of appointments generated and the customer service is just like having them in my own office.  I would highly recommend their services for anybody looking for a highly effective means of marketing.  I have also referred many clients to them as a result of my satisfaction."

-Joe S., CPA, Sharp Payroll, Inc.


"Good afternoon Angelica
We used your service a few months ago, and the result was very good, we visited a lot of customers, and provided a lot of proposal for new project, and some of them we still in negotiation for new project approval, but this was a very good opportunity for us to take some jobs and have contact with a lot of new customers, specially on the sector we requested.
You guys did a great job, and we want to continue using your services,

Thanks you so much for your job to Tele contact Resource Services "


-Abner Reyes Low Voltage Specialist
ABAR Technology Group Corp.



"…..I have been using TRS since 2012. In the 35+ years of working in the employee benefits field I have contracted with many telemarketing companies. After signing with them I had buyers’ remorse within 60-90 days. Obviously this wasn’t the case with TRS. The appointments have more than paid for the services again, and again. And the price is very fair compared to the market.
The ability to change the script, edit the collateral material that Is sent to the prospect, the confirmation the day before are just a few of the quality point that I appreciate. As a UBA partner it is also nice to be able to reach out to the other partners to see what scripts they use and implement best practices that way.
The longer we use TRS, and the more they call back the prospects from the year before the higher our appointment ratio is.”

-Steve DeSorbo, CBG – Jacksonville, Florida


"Kelvin, I started working with your company in October of 2014. Almost immediately we started receiving qualified leads with prospects that were interested in our services. Your well trained marketers followed our script perfectly and made sure potential clients were well advised in regards to our rates and products. Besides getting the contact name, phone number, email address, utility company, etc., I really find it helpful that the marketer gives a follow up to conversation so I can get an idea of the clients thoughts heading into my phone call. Another benefit of working with your company is that since so much information is provided, it makes it easy to go after the client 12 to 24 months down the road, I can't tell you how many customers I have gained from being patient and continuing to pursue their business.

I recently tried a new marketing company that promised what they called HOT Leads, we were supposed to be getting clients that were all set to except our services after a final phone call from one of reps, we paid $15,000 more than what I would have paid for your service and went 3 weeks without a single lead and when we did receive a few leads the customer had no idea what we were calling about. Long story short, we are now battling with the banks to get our money back and have lost a month worth of marketing, it's a pleasure to be back with your company, we always know that we will receive the positive results we need to succeed."

-Ron Blanchette
XL Energy Corp.

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